Drinking water delivery

Uponor Waterguard

The new Uponor Aqua PLUS Waterguard is a user friendly system that automatically shuts off the water inlet if a leakage occurs. The system is monitoring via wireless sensors, if a leak appears from the water network, in a defined area. These sensors react immediately: they send a signal to a control panel which force the valves to shut off the water supply. The valves can be directly installed in the tapwater cabinet with bayonet ends, for full integration with Uponor PPM manifold.
  • Monitor water usage in real time, automatically shuts off the water inlet if a leakage occurs.
  • Ease of installation and system control
  • Water can be completely shut off when no one at home
  • Uponor Aqua PLUS Waterguard is approved by SINTEF

Uponor Aqua Plus Waterguard


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