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Drinking water delivery

Drinking water is life

Everyone needs water: Plants, animals and of course people too. The average person in a private household consumes about 250 litres of fresh water per day. This is why a hygienic drinking water delivery is crucial for our health and our quality of life. The supply infrastructure is often in a poor condition and needs to be updated.

The indoor tap water system is the final application of the huge water delivery network, from the water meter to pipes and till the tap, the indoor tap water system is closely related to end users' daily life.

Tap water system is usually concealed behind the wall. Therefore, the reliability and stability of the system design, ease of installation, applicability of the product are the elements we need to consider when choosing tap water system. Uponor offers safe and reliable solutions for ensuring a hygienically flawless supply in a building.

Tap Water System

Uponor offers a variety of solutions: 

  • Tee system: PP-R、PE-Xa
  • Manifold system: PE-Xa
  • U-Tap loop system: PE-Xa