uponor varicool velum ceiling heating and cooling

Ceiling heating and cooling

Velum ceiling element

Heating and cooling ceilings for closed metal ceilings

Uponor Varicool velum heating and cooling ceiling panels combine highly effective cooling with draught-free comfort, while also absorbing sound and reflecting diffuse light onto the workplace. The elegant, compact design successfully meets architectural requirements and fits in seamlessly with modern office layouts. The slimline Varicool Velum ceiling panel seems to float in the air and uses the thermal radiance principle to heat or cool the space where it is installed. The gentle radiant heat produces a very pleasantly cosy and even temperature. In cooling mode, the ceiling panel directly absorbs and draws the radiant heat from the room. The surface of the panel also cools the warm air rising from the room.


  • Extremely slim design
  • High cooling capacity
  • Use of the storage capacity of the concrete ceiling (hybrid ceiling panel)
  • Good room acoustics thanks to integrated, sound absorbing elements