ceiling heating and cooling


Ceiling heating and cooling

Ceiling heating: Heating and cooling from above

Ceiling heaters and ceiling coolers are mainly found in offices and sales areas or also in industrial buildings and sports halls. They are often used as a supplement to other radiant panel heating and cooling solutions. The conventional ceiling heating system is installed directly on the ceiling or in suspended grid ceilings. In the case of office or commercial properties, thermal element activation is an economical and sustainable way to heat and cool buildings in an energy efficient way.

Ceiling heating and ceiling cooling for sophisticated architecture

Uponor offers different solutions for an air-handling ceiling with its subsidiary Zent-Frenger Energy Solutions. Which performance version is best-suited depends on what requirements the customer has for cooling and heating and on the type of building. We have the right heating systems for you, whether for a single family house or for an industrial building.


  • HVAC systems are designed to maintain both indoor air quality and provide thermal comfort.
  • Traditional HVAC systems are designed as All-Air systems that air is used to perform both tasks.
  • A significant amount of electricity spent on cooling buildings is drawn by fans which transporting cool air through air ducts.
  • Radiant cooling refers to surface temperature control to cool the indoor environment by removing sensible heat.
  • Radiant cooling is effective at removing direct solar heat gain and sensible heat gain.
  • Once the heat is absorbed by actively chilled surface, heat will be removed by the water flow in the hydronic circuit.
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