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UBC brass manifold

UBC brass manifold

Uponor UBC manifold is a high quality manifold made of brass for underfloor heating in residential applications. It provides easy installation with high reliability.
UBC manifold consists of flexible modules of 2-8 loops and corresponding fill/drain/ventilation sets or primary connection sets.
The secondary connectors allow connection to all dimensions of Uponor pipe which makes the manifold applicable for Uponor underfloor heating systems.

UBC brass manifold


  • Equipped with valves and caps, capable for Uponor 24V and 230V actuators
  • Integrated with airvents and fill&drain points in supply and return
  • Primary connection G1”
  • Loop connection G3/4“ eurocone
  • Loop pitch 50 mm
  • Header pitch 210 mm
  • Max. pressure: 6 bar
  • Max. temperature: 60°C

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UBC brass manifold

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Uponor Brass Manifold

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