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Distribution units

Even heat distribution throughout the building

Efficient heating and cooling largely depends on how quickly and evenly water can be distributed in a building at the desired temperature. Uponor has an extensive range of distributor units. The portfolio has a modular structure. We can design small solutions for single-family homes as well as complex solutions for large industrial buildings. Our prefabricated distribution units also reduce installation time.

Uponor distributor technology includes a wide selection of modules as well as pre-assembled distribution units and distribution cabinets that are suitable for industrial applications and private households. These are available in different sizes. They provide space for the distribution unit and for the required accessories, such as control stations, controls, pumps or heat meters. Everything can thus be housed clearly in a very small space. Whether you use the surface-mounted or flush-mounted version or work with or without a distribution cabinet, the sophisticated range of accessories from Uponor offers a solution for just about every installation situation.