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Smatrix Base PRO

Uponor Smatrix Base/ Base PRO

  • Uponor Smatrix Base/Base PRO consists of a controller, thermostats, actuators and an optional timer. The controller manages the operation of the actuators when the thermostats detect a demand for heating or cooling.
  • Uponor Smatrix Base/Base PRO is controlled by different types of thermostats. Designed for maximum comfort, the thermostats communicate with the controller by a wired communication protocol. It is possible to mix the different types of Uponor Smatrix Base thermostats in the same installation.
  • Smatrix Base PRO is a flexible and versatile multi-room underfloor heating and cooling wired controller. It fits different scenarios, covering commercial applications, from 1 to 16 controllers in a full system. This unique hardware is KNX integration ready, via the Uponor ETS and KNX gateway.
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Smatrix Base PRO

Uponor Smatrix Base Pro

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