Upravljanje sobnom temperaturom


Room temperature control

Individual setting of the right temperature

One person prefers warmer temperatures, the other cooler temperatures. Some people are often at home, others only in the mornings and evenings. This makes it all the more important that the temperature can be controlled individually. The trend towards the “Smart Home” makes it possible that a wide variety of technologies in the one home can communicate with each other and can also be controlled by central means. The use of intelligent control technology in offices is also increasing. Uponor has the right solution for every scenario. For example, wireless control of the heating system with the Uponor Smatrix Wave control system – mobile on the go. Or the Wired individual room temperature control - a wired low-voltage variant.

Application of Uponor Smatrix

Smatrix is an ideal system features autobalancing technology that constantly anticipates and adjusts the exact amount of energy needed to ensure optimal comfort at all times.

Smatrix has desired performance since it is a fully integrated system and easily expandable system which easy to install and set up. Save time and labor costs.
The complete, integrated Smatrix system products are perfect for the needs of installers and end users.