Test of PE-Xa pipes for tap water

Uponor Aqua pipe announced test winner in terms of hygiene and mechanical performance

Almost 50 years of experience and focus on quality have made us the best.

Now it is proven!

Uponor's PE-Xa-pipe pioneers with almost 50 years of experience. Since 1972, Uponor has installed 5 billion meters of pipe over the world – it's almost 125 laps around the world.

Today, Uponor is one of the world's leading suppliers of drinking water solutions - a leader determined to deliver the safest and most reliable solutions. For the environment, for health and hygiene.

Every centimeter in Uponor's systems is also designed to facilitate and simplify for those who work with it every day – the installers.

All of this expertise, focus and experience has of course been baked into our PEX pipes, and it is easy to understand why we demonstrate in an independent test by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) that Uponor PE-Xa is the clear winner in all tested categories.


Two categories. One clear winner.

Pipes were purchased from the open market by RISE and were delivered directly to RISE Pipe Center in Gothenburg. All mechanical tests have been performed by RISE. For the hygiene tests, RISE has anonymised the pipes and sent them to the Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets in Germany for accredited hygiene tests.


Best PE-Xa pipe Uponor Aqua Pipe 16 x 2,2
Premium quality for safe and healthy drinking water.


Best PE-Xa pipe Uponor Aqua Pipe 16 x 2,2
Best durability, unbeatable security and reliability.

During the period January – March 2018, RISE conducted tests on PE-Xa tubes to determine hygienic and mechanical performance.

Tested pipes:
Aqua Pipe 16x2,2 (PE-Xa) from Uponor
PEXGOL PE-Xa 15x2,5 (PE-Xa) from Meltex
LK PEX Universal Pipe x16 (16x2,2) (PEXa) from LK

The test reports have been interpreted by Uponor and they clearly show that Uponor Aqua pipe is the best PE-Xa pipe in terms of hygiene and mechanics.