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Single-family homes are where the heart is

Many people dream of owning their own home - a retreat, but also the place where friends and family can get together. Buying a house means planning for your children. If accessibility issues are considered when extending, it is even possible for several generations to feel comfortable in their own home. Building a home is for most people a once in a lifetime investment. Land is scarce and building plots are becoming smaller and smaller, so that nowadays families are often looking for pre-owned real estate. Uponor is aware of these needs. Energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions and drinking water installations from Uponor will enable people to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in their own homes.

Efficient underfloor heating/cooling solutions

  • Invisible, energy-efficient and sustainable systems for heating and cooling single-family homes.
  • Control the temperature in each room individually
  • No dust clouds
  • No bulky radiators
  • Freedom to choose the layout you want
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Single Family Home

Ceiling heating and cooling

  • Support in all project phases
  • Large offer of different solutions
  • Comparatively low costs of investment and maintenance
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Complete systems from a single source
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Clean drinking water, anytime

Drinking water is the most important foodstuff. Hygienic drinking water installation for your single-family home can only succeed when the pipe network from the provider connection to the tap is in a perfect hygienic condition.

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uponor single family homes drinking water delivery

Drinking water delivery

Find out about optimal drinking water installation in single-family homes
More information about drinking water delivery